Executive Interview Coaching

Your Time To Stand Up and Stand Out

Careers Australia offers unique Executive Interview Coaching, which has been developed to help busy executives prepare for interviews. The coaching process is efficient, normally only requiring 90 minutes of your time (in one or two sessions), and is based on what successful candidates do.

The method was developed from observations of candidates who get job offers, and synthesised into a portfolio of frameworks and techniques that anyone can learn quickly.

Kylie Hammond brings to Careers Australia over 20 years of professional work experience as a leading Human Capital Management & Talent Management Consultant. Her Coaching Qualifications include:

  • Leading Executive Search Consultant & Career Coach
  • Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) 2011 Professional
  • Bachelor Degree, majoring in Industrial Relations
  • Certified Recruitment Consulting Services Associate (RCSA)
  • Certified Human Resources Consultant (AHRI)
  • Certified and Accredited Results Coaching Systems Coach (ICC)
  • Full Circle Feedback Certified and Accredited Facilitator & Practitioner
  • Certified Extended DISC Trainer & Facilitator
  • Over 10,000 hours of Coaching experience

Have You Got Everything You Need?

Once you start securing interviews, it would be a shame to miss out because you fluffed the interview, wouldn’t it? We think so too! We can provide you with insight and the practical experience needed to succeed at interview by giving you:

  • A framework for preparation. Doing the right things before the interview are a key to success. Ask any successful sports person, stage actor, singer, musician, presenter, comedian, trainer, public speaker or surgeon who has to perform under pressure all the time.
  • Techniques which enable you to control the process, rather than letting the process control you.
  • Methods/skills which don’t require a personality transplant. It’s a fallacy that putting people in front of cameras for a couple of hours and providing them with feedback will improve their performance at interviews.
  • A way to enable you immediately to apply both the methods and techniques, because they are not add-ons or replacements: they are integrated into who you are and work with whatever personality or style you currently have.
  • A way to help you to succeed, since the coaching is based on what successful people do.
  • Insight into the behaviours and approaches adopted by successful candidates, that have been ‘reverse engineered’ and packaged into an elegant and efficient framework, incorporating a few core techniques.
  • Skills that are not found in a book or on a web site. Most of the books and articles on interview techniques barely scrape the surface, and fail to recognise the fundamentals that drive performance.
  • Advice on what not to do, i.e. clichéd or prepared responses to standard questions. Recruitment consultants and hiring managers usually know the responses and how to spot them.

Interview Coaching Packages

The Executive Job-Seeker Package. Have you decided that you want to explore new options? Get ready with this practical and results oriented package that is one of our most popular combination services. Included are a new Executive Resume, a Customised Cover Letter and a 90 minute Interview Coaching session, to get you prepared for that all important job interview! If you are looking for results, this package is for you.

Interview Coaching in Person. This exclusive 90 minute Interview Coaching session is conducted personally, by appointment, with Kylie Hammond, one of the leading Executive Search Consultants and Executive Career Coaches. If you are looking for results for that all important job interview, look no further!

Interview Coaching via Phone. This service is offered via Telephone or Skype Web Video Call. The Interview Session lasts for approximately 90 minutes, and prior to the session we review the position you are applying for, review your resume and develop a customised mock interview questionnaire which forms the basis of our session together.

Executive Interview Coaching Package. Ideal for the executive preparing for important interviews, panel interviews and psychological testing, this program consists of 3 x 1 hour interview coaching sessions. This service is a must for candidates who want to achieve success at job interview, and includes an Extended DISC Personality Profile and our Executive Candidate Survival Guide - eBook. Our interview program is based on HR best practice and we leverage competency based interviewing techniques and Top Grading interview principles. Excellent value!

Not-for-Profit Resume & Interview Coaching Package. Designed exclusively for Executive candidates seeking a move to the NFP sector. If you are unsure how your skills will transfer, this unique package is for you and includes a new Executive Resume tailored for NFPs, a customised Cover Letter, plus a 90 minute Interview Coaching session.

If you need help to prepare and succeed at interview you can choose from our extensive range of Interview Coaching packages via our Online Shop for more information.

We have coaching clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

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