The Anatomy of Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is for talented Executives wanting to add cutting edge to their leadership style. If you are a working Executive, competent and talented, but not yet at the full stretch of your abilities, you need to speak to us.

Our Executive Coaching program produces exceptional leaders for every corporate situation. We recognize that real leaders have self-belief, an understanding of what goes to make up a stable and efficient working relationship, and the courage to challenge others to higher levels of performance.

The Careers Australia Executive Coaching Program treats leadership as an industry-specific commodity. We encourage our clients to step back from the everyday, motivating and informing their decision-making with a view of the medium and longer term.

Our Executive Coaches provide leaders with unbiased and candid feedback, and an objective perspective that executives can use to produce changes to both personal and corporate behaviour. The resulting enhanced interpersonal skills allow our clients to get the best out of their staff. A heightened self-awareness and self-discipline means these managers are easily able to inspire, and thus direct the staff around them.

Focus areas for Executive Coaching include:

  • Effective leadership styles and behaviours
  • Advanced listening and questioning
  • Understanding the dynamics of change
  • Understanding the decision-making process
  • Emotional intelligence competencies
  • Creating successful teams

Coaching for High Performance

Formula One: The Next Level

Careers Australia Performance Coaches work with individuals to lift their personal performance through increased self-awareness. The more self-aware an individual is the more easily they can move from reaction to response. This crucial behavioural distinction has enormous potential to improve communicative performance and effectiveness within an organisation.

One of the more obvious results of this is a significantly altered bottom line.

Coaching addresses the real issues within organisations, as it is essentially about effecting change. Small changes in the management of day-to-day details, and an increased focus on self-management, typically improves team morale and builds managerial competence.

In addition, more effective self-management creates more time, and thus greater enjoyment of the work.

Focus areas for performance coaching include:

  • Sales productivity and effectiveness
  • Business results
  • People management skills
  • Project management skills

All Performance Coaching programs are tailored to the individual, and in addition to the coaching, can include subject areas such as:

  • Leveraging strengths
  • Personal presentation and style
  • Communication models
  • Delegation and people management
  • Self/time management

Leveraging strengths, and working with emotional intelligence competencies, are also introduced during performance coaching, as these are recognised as a key part of managerial development. One becomes more skilled at recognising and releasing the hidden potential of all members of the team.

Careers Australia Coaching is all about working with someone who believes in you and encourages you; someone who gives invaluable feedback, and shows you things from a new perspective; someone who sets new goals and then equips you to achieve them.

These days, who doesn’t turn to a personal trainer to get the edge on their competitors? In the business executive domain, Kylie Hammond and her Careers Australia team of highly qualified Executive Coaches are leading the field.

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