Executive Coaching Programs

Unlock your drive

Do you have need of executive coaching in a specialised area? Careers Australia executive coaching programs are wide-ranging and can be tailored to meet individual or organisational needs. Be assured that our services satisfy the very highest industry standards and are based on integrity, trust and respect for the people we work with.

Career Coaching Programs Offered Exclusively By Careers Australia Include:

  • Career Management Program
  • Executive Career Guidance Session
  • Welcome to the Boardroom
  • Need A Sea Change or a Tree Change?
  • Outplacement for Executives
  • Onboarding for Executives
  • Personal Brand Equity Program
  • Career Survival Program
  • Mini Executive Coaching Package
  • Busy Executive Cyber Coaching Package
  • Employment Package for Immigrants
  • Build Your Online Brand Equity
  • The Movers and Shakers Club

Coaching Programs Available

Career Management Program

Increase your career options with essential guidance, allowing you to make the right career decisions and achieve success. Discover your dream job and be inspired to start living with a career management program that will help get you there.

Traditional upward mobility is no longer the vertical route it once was. Ambitious executives in contemporary organisations will increasingly take control of their career in a strategic and proactive manner.

Designed to help executives implement a new career plan and identify opportunities in their chosen field, Careers Australia's Career Management Program is custom designed for the individual, and involve a minimum of 10 coaching sessions, Extended DISC Personality Analysis, and other leading HR assessment tools.

We work with Executives from all walks of life, who are seeking greater balance and meaning in their lives and careers. Our exclusive programs are practical and results-oriented, and have a proven success rate of engaging executives in new employment within 90 days of initial appointment. One-on-one executive career coaching utilises mentoring, strategic networking, and a variety of research and support services to facilitate career transition, including sourcing new senior roles or entrepreneurial ventures.

Executive Career Guidance Session

Hit the Accelerator

Accelerate your career growth and take charge of your destiny.

This unique fully tailored Executive Career Guidance Session is designed for the Executive needing career guidance and wishing to explore either career options or entrepreneurial ventures. The service includes a comprehensive review of your current resume & relevant marketing documents, and a 90-minute career guidance session with an experienced Executive Career Coach.

Whether you are thinking of changing careers or changing industries, or just want to meet with a qualified Career Coach to help make a critical career decision, this service is designed for you. Meetings are treated as strictly confidential and can be arranged in most capital cities.

Welcome to the Boardroom

Among the Elite

Optimise your opportunities and demonstrate your boardroom abilities with this unique Careers Australia program. The program is designed to support first time Board members, or Non Executive and Executive Directors wishing to expand their Board portfolio.

The Welcome to the Boardroom Program offers a customised training package to assist you during your Board search, including up to 3 confidential one-on-one sessions. The service includes a new resume, which is tailored for specific Board appointments, and suitable for lodgement with the AICD, with top level Board Search consultants and Board members.

The program also includes introductions to several top Board search consultants, lodgement with the Australian Small Scale Offering Board (if requested), plus submission to top private equity firms for consideration for start-up, new technology, energy, and green technology opportunities.

Incorporated into the package are practice Board interviews, complete with specific feedback on the interview and strategies for improving performance. Kylie Hammond will personally review your search strategy, and may be well placed to make a number of direct approaches to Boards on your behalf during the program.

Need a Sea Change or a Tree Change?

Regain Your Focus

Do you need career clarity and assistance to unlock your career potential? Maybe it is a major career overhaul that is needed, or perhaps that you have just been made redundant.

Whether it is by choice or forced upon us, reinvention can produce extraordinary results and unexpected career growth. In this series of 10 coaching sessions we help you identify a professional future that really lights you up and has you jumping out of bed in the morning.

Together we then construct an action plan to fill the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Delivered exclusively by Kylie Hammond, Careers Australia’s Coaching Guru, this top-shelf program is designed to bring your career to its summit.

Outplacement for Executives

Unquestionable Quality

Manage your future as we guide you through career transition to successful re-engagement with the job market.

This Outplacement Program delivers personalised executive career coaching, mentoring, and strategic networking. Also included are a variety of research and support services aimed at facilitating executive career transition, and sourcing new senior roles and/or entrepreneurial ventures.

Our programs are practical and results-oriented, and have a proven success rate in engaging executives in new employment within 90 days of initial appointment. Formulated for executives at a management or senior management level, the programs aim at generating a career move towards senior executive placement. The complete package consists of 10 coaching sessions (to be taken within 6 months of booking) and an Extended DISC Personality Profile. Delivery is by a qualified Career Development Associate of Australia professional.

The quality is unquestionable. Experience the results for yourself.

Onboarding for Executives

Learn to Shine

Keep the talent where you need it, within the organisation. Reward your executives with a career defined by company objectives.

Careers Australia offers an exclusive Onboarding Program for Executives, designed to retain top talent within your organisation and get the best performance from your newly hired Executives. Whether you are a company wishing to demonstrate your commitment to your new employee, or an Executive who wants to shine in those crucial first 120 days, this program is for you.

Delivered by Kylie Hammond, Principal of Careers Australia, or by one of her trained and certified Coaches, this one is an absolute gem. It consists of 12 coaching sessions scheduled during the 1st year of employment, Extended DISC Personality Assessment, and Full Circle Feedback 360-degree Assessment.

Personal Brand Equity Program

You Are What Others See in You

Boost your employability with your own personal brand, which will get you noticed by employers, and help you achieve your career goals.

Your ability to influence a hiring manager, your current boss, or your Board of Directors, corresponds directly to your personal brand equity. Who are you? What do you stand for? What is your reputation within the company? The community? Your own network? What does your online profile say about you?

This comprehensive career management coaching program is focused on your image and your personal brand equity. It includes 10 coaching sessions with a professional Careers Australia Executive Coach, access to Extended DISC Personality Profiling tools, and 360-degree Feedback Reporting.

By the end of the program we will have thoroughly reviewed your existing brand equity, and reshaped it into a powerful congruent message, designed specifically for your own goals. During the program we fine-tune your presentation skills, and conduct an image workshop.

Let’s not kid ourselves. In business, you are what others see in you.

Career Survival Program

Don’t Just Survive. Thrive.

Get on track with your career and control your own destiny.

The Career Survival Program consists of 10 sessions, delivered personally by Kylie Hammond, Careers Australia’s Principal. Invest in yourself and reap the rewards. This program can be used to develop more effective relationships in your workplace, especially those quality relationships that will help you excel in your corporate career. Between sessions, you have access to both email and phone contact with your mentor.

Benefit from having an experienced Executive Career Coach by your side for an entire year, and look forward to achieving amazing results! This program will help if you have just started a new job, are under review for promotion, or even if you just want to have the peace of mind of knowing that, for an entire year, all the support and professional advice you could possibly need are only a phone-call away.

On the other hand, you might hate the job you are in, or perhaps the boss is not quite to your liking; then this program is also for you. We cover all contingencies. Don’t just survive. Thrive. With Kylie Hammond at your side, your career is going places.

Mini Executive Coaching Package

Be Coached to Win

This Mini program of 6 Executive Coaching Sessions delivers BIG results, empowering you to decide where you want your career to take you.

Careers Australia offers this superb mini Executive Coaching Service in person, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth. Delivery is by an experienced Executive Coach, or even Kylie Hammond herself, timetable permitting. Coaching is also available via phone in other locations.

Used as an introduction to Executive Coaching, this is an ideal starter program. The program consists of 6 Executive Coaching Sessions of 1 hour each, which can be scheduled at mutually convenient times.

Practical and results oriented, the coaching sessions cover topics such as career, business, sales, performance and work/life balance areas. All coaching sessions must be scheduled within 6 months of booking the service.

Busy Executive Cyber Coaching Package

Special Offer - Free Logitech QuickCam with every Cyber-Coaching Package purchased.

Activate your career preferences with strategies that work without fail. Explore the range of options available to you with a Busy Executive Cyber Coaching Package that will launch your career in no time!

Leverage the power of the internet, and get coaching from the comfort of your own home using Skype or another suitable internet web conferencing tool. You must have computer access, preferably broadband, for this service.

This cyber package includes 10 x 1 hour Executive Coaching Sessions conducted personally by Kylie Hammond via Skype; follow-up via email, or phone us if that suits you better. Our Cyber Coaching is offered across Australia, and in fact the globe!

Employment Package for Immigrants

Welcome One and All

It would be our pleasure to help you enter the Australian job market.

Announcing a professional resume writing and consultation service for overseas and migrating candidates. Designed exclusively for management, executive and professional level candidates, this service includes a resume tailored specifically for the Australian employment market, and a customised introduction letter outlining your reasons for coming to Australia, and detailing your work visa status.

Also included is an in-depth phone consultation with Kylie Hammond, who will provide you with a rundown on the nature of the Australian job market, and the processes that companies, executive search firms and recruiters utilise.

You will also be given advice on how to approach employers and executive search firms and recruiters, as well as high level interview preparation and cultural awareness education. Avoid the pitfalls of many overseas candidates by having professional advice and support during your move to Australia.

Get the Careers Australia 'edge on your competitors'.

Build Online Brand Equity

Grow Your Visibility

Leverage the power of the internet to create, enhance and protect your online brand equity to achieve success.

The internet captures and categorises everything, no matter how trivial or embarrassing. If it was ever online it is still online! Our online branding package includes a survey of your existing online brand equity to make sure there is nothing out there that could be potentially damaging to your business and professional reputation.

We then construct a highly professional brand presence to raise your visibility, including establishing a top-flight LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has become a preferred method of hiring managers and recruiters alike to source candidates.

We will help you create a personal blog that will highlight your background, showcase articles you may have written, display your thoughts or ideas on your industry or function, and promote any other products or services you would like to include.

We will even set up a Twitter account so you can start to follow interesting people, and Tweet on interesting subjects. Finally, we will provide one hour of phone support, to show you how to keep your online profile up-to-date, as well as how to interact with online communities, and become known to potential employers, joint venture partners and prospective clients.

The Movers and Shakers Club

Take the Lead

Be inspired to initiate change, influence others, and turn your passion into business opportunities with lasting business relationships and strategic alliances.

The Movers and Shakers Club is unlike any networking group you have ever been involved with. Our exclusive executive group provides the four things Executives need to ensure their careers stay on an upward trajectory - Skills, Ideas, a Robust Network, and Contacts within the business community.

Annual membership includes monthly meetings designed for Executive and Senior Executive level networking, helping our members attain additional skills, ranging from job searching to leadership, to communication and advanced problem-solving. Well-known guest speakers regularly talk on a variety of topics ranging from practical to inspirational.

In addition you will receive unlimited email support, a monthly teleconference with a seasoned Executive Career Coach, and registration with the Australian Small Share Offerings Board where you will have access to Company Directorships.

Take advantage of decades of industry experience, and leverage the proven track record of thousands of careers that our team has helped to manage across the globe. Our exclusive members-only forum provides you with the opportunity to exchange ideas, job and business opportunities, and to ask questions of other members.

If you want to fast track your corporate career, join The Movers and Shakers Club today, or speak to Kylie Hammond personally about the benefits of membership.

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The above products can all be booked through our Online Shop or contact our offices for a no obligation initial coaching discussion with Kylie Hammond, Principal, or one of our experienced Careers Australia consultants. Phone 1800 RESULTS or (02) 9922 6175 for more information, or email us.

Qualified & Certified Coaches

All Career Australia's Coaches are known and respected senior executives with ongoing involvement across all major industry sectors. They have a range of experience in line management to CEO and Board level, human resource development, talent management and consultancy. They are highly experienced and skilled leaders with a passion for coaching and helping our clients to reach their full potential.

Coaching programs offered to clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth.

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