Executive Career Coaching

Get the Edge

Nothing beats one-on-one when it comes to Executive career coaching, preferably in person, but over the phone is also an option. Kylie Hammond and her team of personally selected Careers Australia Executive Coaches are leaders in their field.

During the first coaching consultation our clients set goals in the three most crucial areas of their lives. Ongoing sessions then structure the process of assisted growth and reflection whereby clients move quickly towards the realisation of those goals.

Coaching is a unique conversation that closely examines what it will take to reach the specified objectives. During sessions our clients commit to taking actions for the following week. At the next meeting, we discuss the obstacles faced in the interim, and the insights gained in overcoming them. We then provide the client with strategies for developing new habits, as they close in on their goals. Delivery methods are flexible enough to be matched to individual and organisational needs.

Methods include:

  • Onsite one-to-one coaching
  • Telephone coaching
  • Small & large group workshops and presentations
We have coaching clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Career Transition and Executive Career Coaching

Belief is Everything

Careers Australia's Coaches work closely with all executives on career related issues. We ensure you are fully supported in:

  • Creating and executing career progression or a career change strategy
  • Managing the challenges of a new position or promotion
  • Facilitating re-entering the workplace after a career break
  • Managing career transition following redundancy
  • Effectively managing challenging subordinates, colleagues or management
  • Encouraging high performance and increased efficiency
  • Developing employee motivation and building morale
  • Managing stress and work/life balance
  • Promoting career management techniques and identifying opportunities
  • Managing office politics and networking

Careers Australia's Coaches also work closely with individuals seeking to change their career. We will equip you to:

  • Find your perfect career
  • Position yourself for promotions and career transitions
  • Make recruitment agencies work for you!
  • Open doors with interview finesse
  • Negotiate a rewarding income
  • Improve your work performance and manage your own career

Careers Australia Coaching is all about working with someone who believes in you. In fact, our boast is that we can get you to believe in yourself. Start to see things from new perspectives, and set your sights on new horizons.

Every successful athlete and performer today has a coach of some sort. Remember that, in Kylie Hammond and her Careers Australia team of highly qualified Executive Coaches, you have a personal trainer dedicated to raising you to an elite level of professional fitness.

For more information contact Kylie Hammond at Careers Australia on 1800 RESULTS or (02) 9922 6175.

Executive Coaching Professionals

Walk with giants and grow

Our Coaches are known and respected senior executives with ongoing involvement across all major industry sectors. They have a range of experience in line management to CEO and Board level, in human resource development, in talent management and in a variety of consultancies. They are skilled leaders with a passion for coaching and a genuine determination to see you achieve both personal and corporate outcomes.

At Careers Australia we value integrity. Your trust and your respect are important to us. That’s why we invest so much in them.

Captain Your Own Ship

Careers Australia coaching services are designed to help you achieve amazing results. We have assisted executives at all levels to change careers, achieve promotions, negotiate improved salary packages and implement work/life balance strategies which make a real difference. Our brief is your total success.

Kylie Hammond, Principal of Careers Australia, has provided career management support, enabling hundreds of senior executives to execute powerful career moves. Whatever your needs, prepare to have them exceeded.  Are you looking to implement a portfolio of employment and business activity? Perhaps your aim is to secure a Non-Executive Director or even a Director level Board appointment? Look no further. Add to this our Public Speaking, Coaching and Mentoring engagements, and you will understand why we are the complete package.

Contact us today on 1800 RESULTS or email info@careersaustralia.com.au.

Complimentary Career Assessment Discussion

For your complimentary career assessment discussion, email Careers Australia today info@careersaustralia.com.au. Alternatively you can visit our Online Shop to view our extensive range of coaching products.


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